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Vinyl tile floors - Midland carpets and flooring
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herringbone flooring

Vinyl tile floors

Herringbone lvt floors
herringbone flooring

Beautiful herringbone lvt flooring from invictus flooring

with this one we had totake out where a builder had built up when they had the wall removed and damp proof this area as the builder had missed out installing it we then built up one side so that the floor was level and then latexed a smooth coat over the top

ready for the flooring

uplift and disposal
latex floor

With this one we removed the laminate flooring and the stick down tiles and the old black tiles and latexed this floor as you can see even this was an improvment and we hadnt even put the new vinyl tiles down yet

just waiting for the kitchen fitters to do there bit and we will fit the new invictus floor

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