Sub-floor preporation

Sub floor preparation can be from things as simple as a good quality paper liner to damp proof membranes and concreting floors

at all points we will do a damp test to make sure we are using to right products to give you the best sub floor

we use the best product manufactures


Sub floor inspection

The uplift and removal of this flooring reviled that there was very bad damp which had to be rectified before any new floor covering could be put down

Uplifting flooring for new vinyl to be fitted
floor cleaned and prepped for dpm to go down

Preparing sub floor

We had to remove all of the old flooring material,  we found in total 4 layers of old flooring these were removed and the floor was cleaned and treated ready for the first coat of leveling compound

Damp proofing

After installing the first layer of leveling compound we then added a resin based damp proof membrane

Damp proofed membrane installed
finle coat of leveling compound intalled

Leveling compound

Then we installed a final  smooth cote of leveling compound ready for this customers new vinyl flooring

This was in higham lane school where cover up work had been done before.

Upon investigation we found 1 layer altro a deep fill screed over 9mm ply another layer of screed and then the original parquet block floor and no damp proof membrane had been installed


And grinding the old adhesive of the floor

and installed a matching piece of flooring cleaned and tided ready for the school to open the corridor after the weekend

We started by removing all the layers of  the flooring

we then put down moisture tolerant screed followed by a resin based damp proof membrane

we  filled up to the original level with a fiber reinforced screed